Sober Living

What is it?


Sober living refers to a type of group housing designed for individuals who are in recovery from substance use disorders or addiction. These homes provide a safe, structured, and supportive environment for people who have completed a formal treatment program or are transitioning out of residential treatment. Sober living homes promote sobriety and help residents maintain long-term recovery by offering a substance-free environment.

Sober living homes typically have a set of rules and expectations for their residents, which may include:

  1. Abstaining from alcohol and drug use: Residents are expected to maintain sobriety and avoid using any substances while living in the home.
  2. Attending meetings: Many sober living homes require residents to attend regular 12-step meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or other support group meetings.
  3. Participating in house meetings: Residents may be required to attend and participate in house meetings to discuss issues, concerns, or provide updates on their recovery progress.
  4. Contributing to chores and house maintenance: Each resident may have assigned chores to help maintain a clean and orderly living environment.
  5. Adhering to curfew: Sober living homes often enforce a curfew to encourage a structured lifestyle and discourage late-night activities that could lead to relapse.

Sober living homes can provide a crucial support system for individuals in recovery, helping them build healthy habits, develop coping skills, and establish a network of sober peers. This supportive environment can increase the chances of successful long-term recovery and reduce the risk of relapse.

Sober Living Programs in Manitoba

Addictions Recovery Inc.


Phone: (204) 586-2550


Two Ten Recovery Inc.


For Men:

Phone: 1-204-219-5210

Phone: 1-204-918-8210

For Women:

Phone: 1-204-415-2152

Phone: 1-204-955-9210

Riverwood House


Phone: 204-560-6004