Nova Scotia – Programs & Services

Mental Health and Addictions Program: This program provides a range of services, including assessment, treatment, and support for individuals with mental health and addiction issues. It also offers community-based services and supports for individuals and families.


Addiction Services: This service provides support for individuals with substance use disorders, including counseling, withdrawal management, and medication-assisted treatment.


Mental Health Crisis Line: This is a 24/7 phone line that provides immediate support for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.


Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team: This team provides in-person support to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. They offer assessment, counseling, and referral to appropriate services.


Mental Health Walk-In Clinics: These clinics offer same-day mental health assessments and support for individuals who are experiencing non-emergency mental health issues.


Peer Support: This program provides support and advocacy from individuals with lived experience of mental health or addiction issues.


Family Support: This service offers support and resources for families and loved ones of individuals with mental health or addiction issues.


Online Resources: Nova Scotia also offers online resources and tools, including mental health and addiction self-assessment tools, online counseling, and educational resources.


These are just some of the many programs and services available in Nova Scotia for mental health and addiction. Individuals seeking support can contact the Nova Scotia Health Authority or their local mental health and addiction service provider for more information.