Centros de Integración Juvenil (CIJ)

A network of substance abuse treatment centers throughout Mexico, primarily focused on youth and adolescents. Website:

Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz (INPRFM):

A renowned psychiatric institution that offers specialized addiction treatment services. Website:

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Mexico

Part of the worldwide fellowship of individuals recovering from drug addiction, NA offers support groups and recovery programs across the country. Website:

Alcohólicos Anónimos (AA) Mexico

Similar to NA, AA is an international mutual aid fellowship for individuals recovering from alcohol addiction, with various groups and meetings in Mexico. Website:

Clínicas de Alcohología y Toxicomanías

A network of private clinics and hospitals specializing in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. These clinics can be found in major cities across Mexico.

Secretaría de Salud (Health Secretariat)

The Mexican government's health department provides addiction treatment services and information on substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation. Website:

Asociación Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros (AMIS)

This association represents insurance companies in Mexico and may provide information about insurance coverage for addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. Website:

Comisión Nacional contra las Adicciones (CONADIC)

The National Commission against Addictions is a government agency responsible for coordinating and implementing national policies and programs related to substance abuse prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Website:

Grupo Nuevo Amanecer

A non-profit organization offering rehabilitation and reintegration programs for individuals struggling with substance abuse in Mexico City. Website:

Instituto Nacional de Psicología Aplicada (INPSEA)

A private institution providing specialized addiction treatment, psychological assessments, and counseling services. Website:

Colectivo por una Política Integral hacia las Drogas (CUPIHD)

A collective that advocates for a comprehensive drug policy in Mexico, focusing on harm reduction, human rights, and public health. Website:

Vía Libre

A non-profit organization that offers prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation programs for drug addiction in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Website:

Centro de Atención Primaria en Adicciones (CAPA)

A network of addiction treatment centers established by the Mexican government, providing outpatient services, counseling, and support to individuals with substance use disorders. Website: No central website; you can inquire about CAPA centers in your specific location.

Fundación Patiño

A foundation that focuses on addiction prevention and recovery programs for young people in Mexico. Website:

Comunidad Terapéutica Nueva Vida

This residential therapeutic community provides addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. They offer a structured program that includes counseling, therapy, vocational training, and reintegration support. Website: